Wednesday, May 20, 2009

New Team Ico Game beta video... O_O

this is fantastic...

this is also awesome

Fuck Parkour! this is what you call an urban sport mutha fucka!

Friday, May 15, 2009

GimmickFlip McTwist!

Lol I doubt that anyone has seen this yet but THPS (Tony Hawks Phail Skater)is back with another game called ride but they've made some rediculous balance board which looks insanely expensive lol. its pretty funny, But sadly they've completely missed the point as thier gameplay is still exactly the same... which is the reason most people or atleast me stopped playing TonyHawks as you can ollie over a bus from flat no ramp needed... plus u turn into some kind of rocket powered train when u latch onto any grindable object.. Even if EA Skate didnt have the analog flickit controls I wud still prefer it as its gameplay more realistic. The new Board controller actually looks incredably awesome but the game is still shite...

Lol alternatively I cud just do stuff on a blank deck while playing skate... or heaven forbid go outside. I almost feel bad for them as it cud be awesome but they just fall short and will most likely plumet off a cliff. I would HOWEVER Rather Buy A OllieKing Arcade Machine ^_^ a skateboarding Arcade game made by the JetSetRadio Team!!!! Hideki Naganuma Also did the music for it too. XD

Oh yeah meine mine...