Friday, August 07, 2009

Plasma whip wip

Yes they would sound like lightsabers, "VOOOOOOOM VOOM WUOCHSCH(WHIPCRACK) VOOOOOOM"


Mclean's Campaign said...

hey chris, yea ive just got back into comicon just now, got distracted like you :p, hmm i was wondering are her clothing elements subtools and if not you reckon it would be easier/better to do so? cause im gonna go all out with the subtools i think for my character even though there skin tight

Mclean's Campaign said...

hmm sorry but something just came to my attention about your sculpt, her space between her nose and lips(filtrum sp?) is the same distance from her bottom lip to her chin, easy fix!. i frekn love the leg armour, im gonna rip it off for my comicon :p

Chris said...

Subtools are the way. Altho I started this as just a random sculpt to relax from doing lots of work the previous couple of days, so I wasnt expecting to take the doodle so far >.<, so its all naughtily one mesh, except for the hair. But yeah I would recommend using subtools for absolutally everything, even tight clothing elements and especially those clunky legs heh.