Friday, October 23, 2009

Red Rabbit Texture Wip

Hoooooo man had such fun with brushes, It's finally taking shape despite this only being diffuse. I think I may start working purely on diffuse first instead of always viewing with normals etc; As some times the diffuse won't look as good without a normal but if you get the diffuse looking good without in the first place, the normal makes it look even better.

I gave up on CS4 btw LOL, I probably just need to set something up. But I find painting in mudbox2010 better despite the lack of brush settings that the almighty photoshop has. Zbrush, where were you when I needed 3d texturing... tsk tsk. I did try with zbrush, but even with superior sculpting that completely rapes mudbox its painting functions are still ass in comparison, there not bad, but just not good enough for me to happily 3d paint on an already existing texture.

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