Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Sniper Update - or is it?

Edit: yeah so I thought the sniper idea despite cool inpart by having massive magazineclips all over her, she overall is just to generic sci-fi girl *after looking on polycount everyones doing just that lol xD* SO I'm digging up this old thing and making her this.

When I originally drew this I thought the crosshatching was cool, looks kinda naff now lol, oh well :P

On a side note, physio's say I'm magically cured knee wise, which although I'm skeptical is cool for the time being whether it lasts or not. I can do most of my old tricks aslong as they're ones that dont involve me going fs/bs, altho I got bsflips and nolliefsflips back today.
I can still pop a beastly high 360flip.

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