Monday, October 18, 2010

Officially Cyborg

Well I'm actually pretty optimistic compared to how I thought I'd feel lol. But yeah I had surgery on my arm this week, I have a screw holding my scaphoid inplace now. The day of the op and the day following are pretty much a haze due to the awesome anesthetic & morphine combo.

I've got even more spare time now lol, working my way through FF12, I actually dumped aload of its meshes to pc so I can have an enquizical look at their lovely lowpoly 3d art.
I feel a certain quality in art has dropped with the recent leaps in nextgen, alot of comicon entries for example are very flat and blocky, especially my own. I think I've sacrificed design due to technical ease. Which pushes the requirement that I need and want to improve with concepting and design.

Not to insinuate that there weren't some awesome entries this year lol.


Slaney said...

Ah man, so now you can go and fuck around with airport metal detectors. Liking the Z work by the way!

toma li said...

yoyo, your cheif looks sick, did you know it got featured on kotaku?

Al said...

Grats on getting your art shown on Kotaku Chris :D

Byren said...

lol, forget Kotaku - grats on getting your work on pretty much every major bunjie site :P

Chris said...