Monday, February 07, 2011

^0^' - Epiphany!

I've been looking deeper into character concepting in an attempt to better my understanding of design to aid my end 3d product.
Lol so don't get me wrong I'm not aiming for a concept art role, I am no where near hot enough for that holy-grail but I think an understanding is essential to be a 3d character artist, plus being just technically good doesn't make your portfolio look any nicer if the content brings it down.

I realized indirectly through reading some indie game design blogs that a large chunk of what separates mediocre from convincing is the "character" of that person, personality. Which dawned on me "I've been making costumes not characters" focusing on the technical; producing hollow costumes. I think that now aiming to fill the character with background, personality, will add and should show through in their design, giving a more distinct why to their function instead of just "beefy sword dude".
I also hope to implement this into my speed sculpts, the real raw character design is required with making something so fast, so I hope it will get the gears turning due to the time constraints.

I also cleaned up this blog, looking through gave me a nice insight into my progression but that's not to insinuate I am anywhere yet. There's still a world full of awesome out there I have to aspire to, so I march on up the mountain with burning ambition.

This is the guy who spawned those ideas, among the ranting there is actually alot of insightful game deign theory on there with plentiful debates in the comments.

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