Monday, March 14, 2011



Altho a feminine dress sense would be useful rite now I'm glad to be a dude, thank gawd I don't need to put this much effort into my clothes; jeans & shirt > clean = job done.

Does it go all together is the real question here?

My thinking was the shoes match the jacket and shirt. The colours are all similar. N necklace for a small piece of contrasting colour?
Varied selection of materials, leather jacket with fur rims, loose cotton shirt, leather belt, denim, shoes with linen & leather. Shiny glassnecklace, can't decide on the hat's material tho.

Edit: Update; Going for a mix.


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Slaney said...

There is something oddly sixties about something like a velveteen hat maybe. I would do the big belt too. Then you can have a novelty buckle which would give another material.

Plus if she is gonna be gun-toting, maybe the fur around her gun hand should have powder burns on it. Some sign of residue.