Monday, August 04, 2008

Every Body Loves Gurren Lagann... Everybody..

Hey so I went back and started playing skies of arcadia again to try and get the final 3 secrets of the game which require all this extra crap that takes ages:
Vyse the Exploration King rank:
Find all Discoveries and over +90% of the hidden treasure chests.
Vyse the Sky Battle King rank: defeat all other ship battles, eg roc etc
Vyse the Battle Lord rank:
Kill more than 2,500 monsters.
Vyse the Bounty King rank:
Defeat and claim the rewards for all eight bounties.
Find all moonfish and complete the maria piastol plot and find MoonHamachou

Which unlocks the SkyFang(vyseweapon), GoldenHamachou and Vigoro the Air Pirate comes and battles you.

And even tho I'm like level 84 with 9999 health and 999 attack which always damages any enemy using pirateswrath gives 9999damage.... vigoro still needed like 6 wraths. Elacian and Ramirez need like 1...

But aside from all this.... He Wore Kamina Glasses! lolz.......

they even sparkled... >.>

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Kitto said...

Don't believe in yourself, believe in Vigoro who believes in epic sex.

Incidentally, I think that the wanted battles are scaled up based on your own level, unlike the main story's bosses. Whatever level you are, the Wanted boss will be +10 on top of that, for example.

So Vigoro for you was more EPIC HARDCORE than somebody fighting him at level 50.

Good job finishing all of em though!